Poll results: Mixed on Mike Pouncey

The Ted Wells report cited Miami Dolphins offensive linemen Richie Incognito, John Jerry and Mike Pouncey as the three who harassed and bullied teammate Jonathan Martin. Miami has an easy out with Incognito and Jerry: Both are unrestricted free agents in March.

But what happens with Pouncey, who is still under contract and is one of the Dolphins' top three players? That was our latest poll question, and the results were mixed among thousands of Dolphins fans.

The most votes went to fining Pouncey or not doing anything at all. Pouncey was not the ringleader; Incognito was. Therefore, a majority of Dolphins fans believe a slap on the wrist (fine) or not doing anything to Pouncey is the course of action.

A 1-4 game suspension was a close third. The NFL may not take bullying lightly and it could cause Pouncey to miss games. In last place was a five-game suspension or more. Most Dolphins fans believe that’s excessive.

With the Wells report in the books, it’s time for the NFL and the Dolphins to make their move. Pouncey will be part of the fallout.