Thoughts from Dolphins GM Dennis Hickey

Miami Dolphins first-year general manager Dennis Hickey met with the media at the NFL combine.

Here were his thoughts on various subjects pertaining to the Dolphins:

On quarterback Ryan Tannehill

"Obviously I have a college scouting background, so most of the guys always start off with that. We like Ryan coming out. He was a guy who had 18 starts, but you saw the athletic ability, you saw the accuracy, you saw the arm strength and you saw a really smart kid. Obviously I like the progression that he’s made in his first year developing into his second year, and I expect him to continue in that development into his third year."

On report to add competition to Tannehill

"I can’t respond to speculation. I’m not about that, but I believe in Ryan Tannehill."

On fixing Miami’s football culture

"Joe [Philbin] and I are working together on this. Leading up to this, we met with each department and laid out, restated and reinforced our vision of who we want to be, a culture of respect, communication and laying out that foundation and being intentional about communication throughout the building. Those are some of the steps that we have taken and will continue to take. We take this serious in our culture and who we want to be, and we want to set the standard around the league."

On Miami’s struggling running game

"We like the running backs on our team, but again we are trying to build the best 53-man roster. At every point that’s part of this in preparing for the draft, trying to get the best players that we can get on there to develop competitive environments to push our team to greatness."

On approach to free agency

"I think it is more about placing a value on a player. That’s what we are doing. That’s what we are doing in our meetings. That’s what we will do in our draft meetings. That’s what we will do in our free agent meetings. We place what we call a Dolphin value for the player, and that directs our steps on how we approach things."