Poll results: Ryan Tannehill will thrive

When the discussion of quarterback comes up in Miami, a heated debate usually follows.

Miami Dolphins fans have been waiting for the next Dan Marino at quarterback for 15 years. The Dolphins have brought in a shaky list of successors that included Cleo Lemon, Joey Harrington and Chad Henne. Yet, 2012 first-round pick Ryan Tannehill has provided the most hope of Miami finding a franchise quarterback post-Marino.

That brings us to our latest poll question on ESPN.com's Dolphins page. We asked Dolphins fans if Ryan Tannehill will make a leap in Year 3 after an inconsistent two seasons.

Thousands weighed in, and it turns out Miami fans believe in Tannehill. Approximately 80 percent of voters believe Tannehill will prove to be a franchise quarterback in 2014.

Miami certainly is doing what it can to put Tannehill in position. The Dolphins signed a new Pro Bowl left tackle in Branden Albert, tried to improve the running game with tailback Knowshon Moreno and hired new offensive coordinator Bill Lazor to spark the passing game. This should be the strongest supporting case Tannehill's had in three seasons.

NFL quarterbacks usually do not get four seasons to prove they are the long-term solution. So it could be now or never for Tannehill in 2014. He admitted as much earlier this week in an interview with ESPN's Keyshawn Johnson.

Miami's five-season playoff drought could rest on Tannehill's development this year. It's clear most Dolphins fans believe Tannehill is part of the solution, not the problem.