Miami Dolphins: John Benton

Here are the most interesting Miami Dolphins stories Thursday from around the Web:
  • Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald writes new Dolphins offensive line coach John Benton must change the play -- and culture -- of his group.
Morning take: Miami's offensive line had a disastrous year on and off the field in 2013. It will be Benton's job to make sure that does not happen again.
  • Alex Marvez of Fox Sports reports former Dolphins scout Nate Sullivan is threatening to sue the team for his recent dismissal.
Morning take: Sullivan was fired in May after working 17 seasons with the Dolphins. The potential lawsuit claims his working arrangement to live remotely in order tend to his ailing wife was the reason.
  • Steve Gorten of the Sun Sentinel writes new Dolphins tailback Knowshon Moreno will help quarterback Ryan Tannehill.
Morning take: Moreno is coming off his first 1,000-yard season with the Denver Broncos. But where Moreno could really provide an upgrade for Tannehill is with blitz pickups and catching passes out of the backfield.
Morning take: Wake garnered a lot of respect around the NFL for his play. It is also commendable that Wake went undrafted, played in the CFL and worked his way to become a Pro Bowler.

Miami Dolphins Stock Watch

February, 18, 2014
Feb 18
The Miami Dolphins have a lot going on this offseason.

Here is a look at whose stock is rising and falling this week:


1. Richie Incognito, guard: Incognito's already poor reputation took a bigger hit last week during the release of the Ted Wells report. Incognito harassed teammate Jonathan Martin and former teammate Andrew McDonald, according to the report. This will not make it easy for Incognito to find a job next season.

2. Jim Turner, offensive line coach: Outside of Incognito, Turner most likely will be the biggest fall guy in Miami’s bullying scandal. Turner was the supervisor responsible for the offensive line, which was described as an “anything goes” group. The Wells report also showed Turner, at times, was a willing participant in the banter, which doesn’t look good. I wouldn’t be surprised if Turner loses his job soon.

3. Mike Pouncey, center: The Dolphins will have an interesting decision with Pouncey. Incognito was the ringleader, but Pouncey took part in the harassment. He’s also under contract and is one of Miami’s top players. Will Pouncey get fined? Suspended? That remains to be seen. But it’s doubtful the Dolphins will offer Pouncey a contract extension, despite his quality play on the field.


1. Dennis Hickey, Dolphins GM: This has to be exciting times for Miami’s first-year general manager. He's running the show for the first time and will be a major part of Miami’s plans at the NFL combine. College scouting is Hickey’s strength. Therefore, this week’s events will be right up his alley. Miami also has plenty of cap room for Hickey to spend in free agency in March.

2. Brent Grimes, cornerback: Grimes put in the work last season and made his second Pro Bowl. Now it’s time to cash in. Grimes will be an unrestricted free agent in March and is in line to get a sizable contract extension. The Dolphins also can use the franchise tag on Grimes, which will pay him top dollar for 2014. Grimes wants long-term security, but he will get paid handsomely next season either way.

3. John Benton, assistant offensive line coach: With Turner most likely on the way out, that may provide an opportunity for a quick promotion for Benton. He joined the team just last month. The Dolphins had an idea of Turner’s role in the bullying scandal and hiring Benton, who formerly worked with the Houston Texans, may have been a pre-emptive move. Benton will work with a group that struggled mightily in 2013 and could face wholesale changes.