Around the Horns: On the Vikings' scheme


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The Minnesota Vikings' Cover-2 scheme has come under some heat this season, with critics pointing to its relative simplicity as a reason the team is back to having one of the worst defenses in the league. But while the Vikings don't play as much strict Cover-2 as they used to, and coach Leslie Frazier admitted to Mark Craig of the Minneapolis Star Tribune the Vikings have become predictable in some cases, the coach still thinks personnel is the biggest factor for a team's success.

"Give me the personnel any day,” Frazier told Craig. “All great teams, it’s the personnel. Even when a coach makes a bad call, if you got the right personnel, they make it right.”

That could be perceived as a suggestion from Frazier he doesn't have what he needs on defense to be successful, but one could certainly make that case for the coach. The Vikings' experiment with a number of young defenders, like cornerback Josh Robinson, hasn't turned out well, and the result has been plenty of occasions where the Vikings aren't able to execute their defense.

"Part of that is guys learning what we’re asking them to do," Frazier said. "The lack of experience sometimes shows up."

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