NFLN survey/Super Bowl QB: Vikings

As he did in many NFL locker rooms, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady won the vote in the Minnesota Vikings' locker room for which quarterback players would want running their team with two minutes left in the Super Bowl. Brady led last-minute drives to set up game-winning field goals in his first two Super Bowls, and had Randy Moss been able to haul in a 65-yard pass from Brady in the final minute of Super Bowl XLII, the Patriots quarterback might have three last-minute comebacks and four titles.

Brady got six of the 10 votes in the Vikings' locker room, ahead of three for Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers and one for New York Giants QB Eli Manning (who's beaten Brady twice with clutch late-game throws in Super Bowls). Overall, Brady won the survey with 128 votes, ahead of Peyton Manning (86) and Rodgers (32).

As the Vikings continue to address their quarterback question going forward, they'll hope to find someone with the same cool under pressure that Brady has. They could've had Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, who will play in his first Super Bowl on Sunday, in the 2012 draft. But the Vikings had drafted Christian Ponder the year before, and even though their coaching staff was impressed with Wilson the year before, they passed on Wilson (and Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles) to take cornerback Josh Robinson in the third round of the draft. This season, Wilson led the NFL with five game-winning drives.