Vikings: Scouting director Studwell resigns

MINNEAPOLIS -- Minnesota Vikings college scouting director Scott Studwell resigned from that position following the conclusion of the 2014 NFL draft on Saturday, a team spokesman confirmed, and will shift to a different role in the organization.

Jamaal Stephenson, who previously had been the team's assistant director of college scouting, will replace Studwell. The Minneapolis Star Tribune's Sid Hartman first reported the news on Sunday evening.

Studwell had been in charge of the Vikings' college scouting operation since 2002, after playing 14 seasons as a linebacker with the team. He was named to the Vikings' 25th-, 4oth- and 50th-anniversary teams, is a member of the Vikings' Ring of Honor, and has been involved with the organization in one capacity or another since he was drafted in 1977.

But Studwell was looking to shift to a role that gave him more time to spend with his family, and the life of a college scouting director -- with its grueling travel schedule -- wouldn't provide that for the 59-year-old Studwell. He'll likely still assist in the Vikings' scouting process, but Stephenson -- who has been the assistant college scouting director since 2009 -- will step into Studwell's job.