A phenomenal recovery for Belfort

Simply phenomenal: In his most recent bout, Vitor Belfort KO'd hepatitis A in one week. Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Getty Images

It was only last Friday that Vitor Belfort came homesick after a workout in Las Vegas. Since then, he had been bedridden with what doctors believed to be hepatitis A -- an aggressive liver infection that, if treated, normally takes two to six weeks to recover from, and sometimes can linger for months.

Turns out there’s more to the “Phenom” handle than meets the eye. Belfort woke up yesterday, one week after the diagnosis, feeling better. When the doctors ran confirmation tests yesterday, they found no trace of hepatitis A, B or C.

As a man of faith, Belfort suspects the graceful hand of higher intervention.

“It was just a miracle,” Belfort said from his home in Vegas. “My liver infection was very high. The doctor, when I went to the hospital last week, said the condition was hepatitis A. Yesterday, I still had a headache. Today, I feel much better. I believe God just healed me.”

Belfort, coming off his loss to Anderson Silva for the middleweight title at UFC 126, is scheduled to fight Yoshihiro Akiyama at UFC 133 in Philadelphia, which is still over three months out. He never believed his fight would be in jeopardy, but then again he thought he’d be out of commission for the next few weeks, making the transition that much harder to get into fighting shape.

“I was like crap, it was like a truck ran over me,” Belfort said. “Last Friday was when everything started. I was sick, got home, threw up. From Saturday until yesterday I’ve been in bed, only getting up to go the bathroom. Though I have been drinking a lot of fluid, I didn’t take any drugs except some Tylenol yesterday. For sure it was an infection. No cause for it.

“Life is made by circumstance, and in those times you don’t negotiate your faith. Today I feel energetic. My body fought through it.”