Mickey Rourke makes his picks

LAS VEGAS – The last time I asked actor Mickey Rourke for his picks was at UFC 118 in Boston, and he presciently called the fights exactly right, taking Frankie Edgar over B.J. Penn in the rematch, Gray Maynard over Kenny Florian, and Randy Couture by first-round TKO over James Toney.

As a former boxer, Rourke had sparred with Toney on occasion, and Toney -- who accused Rourke of trying to sucker punch him during one particularly heated session -- didn’t go too light on him. This made for a contentious yet brotherly relationship between the two.

As a big fight fan with a practiced eye in the way of combat sports, I asked Rourke for his picks on the co-main and main events for UFC 130. This time Rourke wasn’t all that forthcoming. He says he definitely likes Frank Mir over Roy Nelson, but in the main event, he yielded to the stinker in sports psychology, that set of things known as “the intangibles.”

“With [Matt] Hamill and [Quinton] Jackson, that’s a toss up. It comes down to who wants it more ... and how good Hamill’s chin is.” That’s as committal as he would get on it. So, for the record, Rourke’s official picks for tonight are Mir in the co-main event, and Desire in the main event.