White talks Silva-Sonnen bout

It was not difficult to figure out what the future held for Anderson Silva following his bizarre and disconnected performance in Abu Dhabi on Saturday.

Facilitating his desire to seesaw in weight is an unearned indulgence: Chael Sonnen should've been the challenger. Chael Sonnen is once again the challenger.

Dana White told ESPN's Jim Rome Wednesday that Silva would face Sonnen, date and location TBD. For all purposes, it's a favorable scenario for the UFC, which will be able to use Sonnen's nonstop jawing as an avatar for how jilted fans feel over Silva's recent ring behavior. Inside, it's virtually impossible that Sonnen will play the same frigid waiting game of Silva's recent jiu-jitsu adversaries. He'll wade in and either eat a knee or shove Silva's feet down his throat.

White went on to mention that Silva would be "cut" if he affects another buzz-killing posture in a future match. A stern warning, but not much else: Silva would probably be shelved and left to sit out a contract sooner than he'd be given his walking papers. (If he has a no-compete clause, it's a different story.)

Still. Firing a champion, if it's even momentarily considered, is a real testimony to how badly Silva has rocked his own boat.