Trigg and Serra: Peas of the same pod

There's something very depressing about manufactured hostility. Frank Trigg and Matt Serra both know what's expected of them leading into a February fight, and so they've punched in to start the joyless berating of one another.

Trigg: "He's in the twilight of his career … Unfortunately, when he loses to me, he's going to realize that his days as a fighter are going to be limited. He'll be able to go ahead and continue fighting in smaller, lesser-known organizations if he wants."

Serra: "Look, when my career is over and done with, I'm the one who can look back and say that I was the champ … I refuse to lose to a guy that has a f---ing tramp stamp … No way am I losing to a guy that walks around with that."

This kind of forced-adversary, back-and-forth diatribe works best when only one fighter is self-aware enough to realize it's all part of the show: Trigg's heel stint against Matt Hughes worked because Hughes appeared to be taking him seriously. When both guys are in on the joke, it becomes very bad theater. But if you like this sort of thing, you'll get plenty of it: 40-plus days remain until their fight.