Ed Soares gets lost in translation

In Ed Soares' world, Anderson Silva speaking is not the same as Anderson Silva communicating. The manager of several UFC notables -- including Silva, the Nogueiras and Lyoto Machida -- told MMA Scraps Radio this past weekend that he sometimes manipulates the translated words of his fighter to put a better spin on them.

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"Yes and no. ... I can say that sometimes I don't translate exactly what [Silva] says, but it's not something I do on purpose or to cover anything up," Soares said. "Things don't translate word for word. I'm trying to get the message across. If I were to use the same words, it wouldn't translate to the same meaning. ... As far as fixing something, as his manager, I'm always going to try to make him look better -- but it's nothing like lying or anything like that."

This is slightly offensive to those of us who value literal meaning, but it's nothing unusual. Soares is essentially the media liaison for his fighters, and that means auditing quotes or behavior he believes might paint his commodity in a bad light. Japanese MMA organizations were fairly notorious for strong-arming journalists to eliminate flammable comments; the writer could either comply or risk getting his attendance privileges revoked.

This isn't quite as dramatic, but it does make a difficult task -- understanding Silva -- even harder.