Trial by fire: Aldo feels the heat

There are reasons fighters have a library of good stories. The profession can take you to odd corners of the world, and early experiences can twist and torque the brain into gravitating toward that sort of career choice. Fighters are not boring people. They all have a book in them.

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This is especially true of Jose Aldo, who told Yahoo! Sports' Steve Cofield this week that he was once tossed into a barbecue pit by his two sisters while horsing around as a toddler in Brazil. Let me run that by you once more: He was tossed into a barbecue pit as a baby.

(Tiger Woods, meanwhile, had a formative experience of his own earlier this month: In Shanghai for the WGC-HSBC event, Woods complained that crowds kept taking pictures of him with their cell phones. Haunting. Perhaps he and Aldo can swap horror stories sometime.)

This is part and parcel to relative thinking -- the idea that nothing you experience in the ring can be as traumatic as what you've already gone through. Mike Thomas Brown will not be packing pyrotechnics Wednesday night, and he can't do anything to Aldo that might require skin grafts.

A lot of people get hung up on how tough fighters are physically. I tend to think it's their mental calluses that make a greater difference.