Jen Pulver plans return

November, 2, 2009
By Jake Rossen/

This is the great sickness afflicting virtually every name prizefighter who has ever walked -- then hobbled -- the planet: There is a psychological concrete wall covering the graceful exit. Recall the last time a noted fighter succeeded in the ring, then swore to never return.

It doesn't happen. They lose. Badly. They announce their doubts over performing. Their relieved neurons throw a party in honor of their continued existence. Then they come back.

This is the direction Chuck Liddell insists on pursuing, and it's the direction Jens Pulver has already succumbed to: The former UFC lightweight -- who left that organization and then assembled a 1-4 record as a featherweight in the WEC -- has circulated word that he plans on returning soon. Since returning to the UFC three years ago, he is 1-6.

A win percentage of 14 isn't a bad streak. It's the end of the line.

Pulver is a fine fighter, and he may yet get some momentum. But his opponents are only getting younger and faster. Don't we know how this ends?



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