Couture-Vera 'rematch' already scheduled

Very meta: Not a week after Randy Couture and Brandon Vera compete on a free Spike broadcast of UFC 105, Couture's ex-wife Kim and Vera's current wife Kerry could meet in a Strikeforce contest slated for Nov. 20.

It's stunt casting, but so what? Strikeforce will use whatever leverage it can in the face of the UFC's deeper pockets, deeper roster and ingrained brand. I suspect they'll snag a few thick-headed viewers who think they're catching a replay, as well as media hits -- like this one -- amused by the novelty of it. It'll be like switching on Starz and thinking you're getting 2004's "Crash" -- and then all of a sudden James Spader is getting all hot and bothered over a car accident. Hate that.