Motley Fool badmouths WWE, cites MMA

There are certain instances when I find myself having unintentionally navigated to some very dark corners of the Internet. Some things, once seen, cannot be unseen.

Today, it was prowrestling.net.

But one bright spot: The site directed me to a recent Motley Fool editorial advising stock buyers to ditch their WWE slips.

The reason? MMA is gorging on pro wrestling's market share.

"Wrestling fans are moving on," writes Fool Rick Aristotle Munarriz. "The grittier -- and more realistic -- mixed martial arts leagues are taking over. You see it in the dwindling number of fans buying into the annual "WrestleMania" event."

According to Munarriz's numbers, buy rates have declined by roughly 10 percent for that spectacle in each of the past three years.

With no experience in the stock market, I can't comment on Munarriz's advice or the admittedly flimsy idea that "WrestleMania" business is down because of MMA. But I find it difficult to believe the demand for oily men in horribly written and performed "comedy" skits and myostatin-deprived gymnastics will ever permanently crumble. Not in a world where Larry the Cable Guy can pay his mortgage.