Mousasi: Filho a "little donkey"

A good drubbing of Renato Sobral apparently has given Gegard Mousasi plenty of confidence against Brazilians. After former middleweight WEC champion Paulo Filho challenged him to a bout, Mousasi responded through USA Today, calling Filho a "little donkey" who needs "magic stuff" to perform. He does not mean vitamin C.

"We all saw what happened when he came to America," Mousasi said. "He got beat up. Now he's back in Japan and feels like a kid in a candy store, I think. He can use all kinds of steroids. I think the steroids have gone to his head. … He's a little donkey who thinks he's a running horse."

Filho had previously told Tatame that he would submit the Strikeforce light heavyweight champion, a challenge egged on by that promotion's plans to co-promote with Filho's Dream employers. Expect a frothing Filho rebuttal shortly.