Carano's period piece

As part of her media gauntlet in anticipation of an Aug. 15 bout with Cristiane Santos, Gina Carano recently spoke with ESPN The Magazine staffer Ryan Hockensmith; a preview of their Aug. 10 issue may prompt some male discomfort. You've been warned.

"I try not to schedule fights the week I'll be on my period," Carano told Hockensmith (who, I presume, nodded solemnly and tried not to shift in his seat). "Making weight is hard enough, and during our period, we may retain around seven pounds of water weight. Plus, bruises hurt more, you're bloated and cramping and emotionally, it's tougher to battle through the training."

Carano also mentioned she wears three sports bras during a fight. Considering the rash of low-blow interruptions in events, maybe male combatants would do well to consider a three-cup rule.