Carano-Santos presser offers (mostly) usual fare

Gina CaranoAP Photo/Jeff Chiu

Gina Carano is proving she can walk the walk and talk the talk, just like the MMA boys.

Strikeforce held a news conference at Madison Square Garden's WaMu Theater on Tuesday afternoon to promote the Gina Carano-Cristiane "Cyborg" Santos title bout in San Jose on Aug. 15. In attendance: Jimmy Lennon Jr., Carano, Santos and Santos' translator.

As is per usual for these gatherings, nothing of any real significance was said: Both women were confident of their chances and appreciate the opportunity to put women's fighting in the spotlight. Carano said she got interested in MMA when she and an ex-boyfriend were "drinking 40s" one night and he talked about starting training. Carano also disagreed with assertions that the fight was one of technique versus power, and that both women had plenty of each to spare.

On how male and female MMA athletes differ, she noted that women had different genitalia. I suspect footage featuring Carano's explanation will not go unnoticed among forum regulars.