Aoki offended by accusations of magic pants

Shinya AokiSherdog.com

Shinya Aoki's leggings aren't only an eyesore, they might also give him an unfair grappling advantage.

Fanhouse's Michael David Smith seems to enjoy antagonizing athletes. Witness his contentious one-on-one with Ken Shamrock, admittedly an easy guy to agitate.

Smith is at it again, this time questioning the fair-play issue regarding Japanese star Shinya Aoki wearing spandex grappling leggings during competition.

"It is nothing to do with my grappling skills," Aoki told Smith via an e-mail interpreter. "Anybody who has experience of grappling should know about this. This questions seems for nonprofessional." (His words exactly.)

To Aoki's likely disappointment, I prefer the uniformity of the Unified Rules, which make it impossible for athletes to taint victories (or losses) with allegations of apparel interference -- as well as avoid any unfortunate spin-class ensembles.