The Octagon's five fastest starters

Any UFC fighter is capable of finishing a fight inside five minutes. But simply counting career first-round finishes is not what this list is about. Rather, this list identifies those who you know are bringing all they have in the first seconds of a match. Warm-ups and the cage walk might as well qualify as the first round for them. They are in mid-fight form from the opening bell. In other words, plan on weathering an immediate storm if you hope to beat these guys.

The fastest starters in the UFC are:

1. Ronda Rousey

Nobody starts faster than the megawatt star Rousey. Forget first-round finishes. Rousey wants first-minute finishes.

2. Conor McGregor

McGregor applies physical and mental pressure on every opponent he faces. Many have cracked under it inside the first round.

3. Brandon Thatch

Thatch might not know any way to win other than to win early. Every one of his professional victories have ended in the first round.

4. Erick Silva

Thus far in the UFC, Silva has struggled when opponents take him past the first round. But that in itself is a chore. Those who get in the cage with Silva know they're in a fight early.

5. Joe Lauzon

Lauzon's deserved reputation as a fast starter may have brought him mixed results so far, but ask any of his opponents and they'll tell you: Lauzon forces you into a fight immediately.