After another dominant performance, what's next for Johnson?

LAS VEGAS -- John Dodson is not the man to defeat Demetrious Johnson. That much has been confirmed.

So, what about U.S. Olympic gold medalist Henry Cejudo?

Following his seventh consecutive title defense, Johnson (23-2-1) is in need of one thing: a challenge. He has beaten Dodson twice. Joseph Benavidez, twice. In both instances, he was more dominant in the second fight than he was in the first. The gap between him and the rest of his competition seems to be growing, not shrinking.

Cejudo (9-0), who fights Jussier da Silva on Nov. 21 in Monterrey, Mexico, represents one of the only obvious challenges left for Johnson at 125 pounds. Both seem to know it.

"You know, I think I am the only one who gives him a tough fight," Cejudo told ESPN.com. "There are other tough fighters, but I'm his biggest threat and he knows that. Prior to the Dodson fight, he kept talking about me. He's already thinking about me."

Cejudo says he hasn't dedicated a ton of thought toward Johnson, but he will in time. The 28-year-old former amateur wrestler attended UFC 191 in person and, although he says he doesn't see much power in Johnson's game, he was impressed with what he saw.

He did not, however, think much of Dodson's performance -- and that part frustrates him. He says one thing you can be absolutely certain of is that Johnson will actually look like he's been in a fight whenever Cejudo gets him. He won't be walking out of the Octagon unmarked.