Set It Off Gets Back in the Ring with New Single "Uncontainable"

Set It Off front man, Cody Carson, has come a long way since his early YouTube days. Covering All Time Low songs in his college dorm room, he had no idea that seven years later his band would be sharing a tour ticket with them.

Perseverance has been a through line for the Tampa-based pop-punk band. Set It Off’s new single, “Uncontainable”, carries on that theme. In the music video for the latest single, seen above, Carson literally puts on the gloves as he steps into the role of rookie boxer struggling in an underground league.

If the song feels like a pre-game locker room anthem, that’s no accident.

“We knew going into this that this has a sports sound to it,” Carson said. “We want people to hear this song and get just amped up and just lose their minds and feel like they can take over the world.”

Inspired by the Rocky franchise, the band wanted to combine the classic rise-of-the-rookie narrative with the grime and underground haze of Fight Club.

During the filming of the video, Carson was living his own Rocky story: Going from pop-punk vocalist to fight stuntman.

“I had never done stunts before, fighting scenes or anything like that,” he said. “Closest I got to that was wrestling with my friends on a trampoline in high school.”

He had no idea he’d be throwing punches at a stunt double who played “The Cousins” in Breaking Bad.

With only a one day shooting schedule, there was not much room for error.

“I got really excited and very nervous at the same time,” he said. “I’m like this guy knows what he’s doing; I’m just a singer in my band.”

Set It Off is slated to head back on the Warped Tour trail this summer where fans can look forward to hearing new songs off of the band’s next album. Although there’s no official release date yet, Carson is ecstatic about the new album and feels that the writing process was their most relaxed and impressive effort yet.

“We’re really confident in this record. I fully believe it’s way better than anything we’ve ever done.”

If their new single is any indication, then we feel pretty confident about it too.

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