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Monday, June 30, 2014
Jay Bilas, massive Young Jeezy fan, meets Jeezy for the first time

By ESPN Music

Most days, ESPN analyst Jay Bilas will start the morning with a tweet. The contents: rap lyrics, plus the phrase "I gotta go to work."

Back up on our grind, put the worst behind us. No eye contact, he might blind us. Risk it all everyday, don't remind us. I gotta go to work.

— Jay Bilas (@JayBilas) June 22, 2014

I'm tired, I feel wired, but yet I'm still inspired. To find somebody else for the job, tell me I'm fired. I gotta go to work.

— Jay Bilas (@JayBilas) June 23, 2014

A million dollars ain't nothin' to spend. I get some more work, and I do it again. I gotta go to work.

— Jay Bilas (@JayBilas) June 24, 2014

The writer of those lyrics: Atlanta-based rapper Young Jeezy, whom Bilas also frequently quotes on ESPN college basketball broadcasts but Bilas never had met ... until recently.

Yes, not long ago Vibe Magazine surprised Bilas with a visit from his hip-hop inspiration. Here's how it played out: