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Brett Eldredge to sing anthem at Bears-Jags

October, 7, 2012
Brett EldredgeFrazer Harrison/Getty ImagesBrett Eldredge will sing the national anthem at the Bears-Jaguars game Sunday.
The first time country singer Brett Eldredge performed the national anthem for his favorite team, the Chicago Bears, was Jan. 2, 2011, against the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field.

"It was such a historic place, and I was there with my dad. It was so cool for him because he always wanted to go there," Eldredge said. "The only problem was it was absolutely freezing. It was 5 degrees. It's hard to sing in that kind of weather!"

Today, things will be much differently for Eldredge, who will sing the anthem in Jacksonville, Fla., as his Bears play the Jacksonville Jaguars. It's scheduled to be 88 degrees and sunny.

"There is a no better feeling than singing the anthem," Eldredge said. "That song and 'Take Me Out to the Ball Game' are probably the first two songs I learned."

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