ESPN Music: Columbus Crew

Shawn Bandz makes Columbus Crew theme

March, 15, 2013

An improbable collision between hip-hop and European football has occurred in the heart of Ohio, as Columbus-based rapper Shawn Bandz has created the track “Columbus Crew,” hoping it will become the new anthem for his hometown's MLS team. And while the team has yet to formally comment, the song has gained traction on YouTube.

Bandz recently took some time to talk to ESPN Playbook about it.

ESPN Playbook: What gave you the idea for the song?

A lot of people in this city don’t even know we have a pro soccer team, so I decided to make an anthem. I also wanted something the hip-hop community would respond to. I originally recorded the song in 2011. It had more of a club-type vibe, something you could chill to. We remixed it and put a new beat to it in December, and we released it in January 2013.

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