ESPN Music: Dangerously in Love

Allyson Felix talks Beyonce, playlist

February, 7, 2013
Allyson FelixMatthias ClamerThe gold-medal-winning track star plays Beyonce to get in the zone for competition.
For ESPN The Magazine's Feb. 18 Music Issue, we persuaded 14 athletes to re-create some of the most memorable album covers. As part of our supplemental coverage on Playbook Sounds, we will be running behind-the-scenes interviews with each athlete, as well as their personal playlists.

• Athlete: Allyson Felix, Olympic gold-medal sprinter
• As: Beyonce on "Dangerously in Love" (2003)

Why Beyonce?

Well it's actually funny -- everyone says I am a really laid-back and quiet person. I always feel like when I'm on the track I have to get into this alter ego before I run, so I listen to her song "Diva." The song kind of takes me to the other place, to be this other more aggressive person.

I don't consider myself a diva at all, but the song has a bit of an attitude and I inherit that when I step on the track. I think about winning and not really caring about anyone else's feelings and just caring about myself in that moment.

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