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John Axford discusses role in music video

May, 31, 2012

One minute a rock star was commenting to his bandmates on how much he loved Brewers closer John Axford’s (now long-gone) super-sweet mustache.

The next, he and his bandmates are actually sharing the man’s mustache wax. At least that’s how Adam White, lead singer of Canadian indie rock band The Reason remembers it.

“I tweeted at Axford at a bar one day while watching highlights, and two weeks later, we were talking about him being in our music video,” White said.

That tweet sparked a friendship between the band and the star pitcher that eventually turned into "Mo’jor League," an epic eight-minute-long music video starring Axford and featuring four of the band’s songs from their 2010 album “Fools,” including Axford’s personal favorite “The Longest Highway Home.” The video tells the story of a ragtag bunch of misfits who somehow find themselves playing in a league championship game. Primarily a take on “The Bad News Bears” with bits of “Major League” sprinkled in, the video was shot at a Little League park in Ancaster, Ontario, during the first week of November.

Axford stars as a down-on-his-luck pitcher who gets called out of the bar mid-game and rides on his motorcycle into the game to try to help lead The Reason to victory in the ninth inning.

Their opponent in said video? The Cardinals. Coincidentally, Axford’s season had just ended in defeat in the NLCS at the hands of another, more famous Cardinals squad just weeks before shooting the video.

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