ESPN Music: Minor League DJ ejected

Minor-league PA operator reacts to ejection

August, 2, 2012

Derek Dye, the unpaid intern who selects the music for the Class-A Daytona Cubs, received a new mix CD on Wednesday afternoon. The mix consisted of songs played on an organ, designed to make Daytona’s games feel more like a game at Wrigley Field.

Dye had no idea what this new mix would lead to.

Derek Dye
Courtesy of Derek DyeDerek Dye is a 21-year-old summer intern for the Daytona Cubs, a Class-A affiliate.
During the eighth inning of the Cubs’ game against the Fort Myers Miracle Wednesday night, there was a questionable call at first base. After the manager finished arguing, Dye played the organ version of “Three Blind Mice” on the stadium speakers.

Upon hearing the song, Umpire Mario Seneca turned around, pointed to Dye up in the press box and yelled, “You’re gone!”

“I took my hat off and started scratching my head,” said Dye, a 21-year-old senior at the University of Illinois. “I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t think the umpire had that sort of jurisdiction. I haven’t seen the flow chart of who has what power.”

It was the first time the song has been played at a Daytona Cubs game. It’s also the last, as the team has taken the song out of its database.

Since the incident, Dye has received continuous phone calls and text messages, some from people he hasn’t heard from in years. He’s been inundated with media requests, from the local newspapers to national outlets such as Good Morning America.

Dye’s also being fined an undisclosed amount by the Florida State League, though the team will pay the fine for their unpaid intern.

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