ESPN Music: Trent Richardson

NFL trio talk Run-DMC, music playlists

February, 8, 2013
For ESPN The Magazine's Feb. 18 Music Issue, we persuaded 14 athletes to re-create some of the most memorable album covers. As part of our supplemental coverage on Playbook Sounds, we will be running behind-the-scenes interviews with each athlete, as well as their own personal playlists.

• Athletes: Trent Richardson, Cleveland Browns RB; LaMarr Woodley, Pittsburgh Steelers LB; and Marshawn Lynch, Seattle Seahawks RB
• As: Run-DMC on "Ultimate Run-DMC" (2003)

What do you know about Run-DMC?

Woodley: Run-DMC, they're the greatest. They started hip-hop, for real.

What's your favorite Run-DMC song?

Lynch: I don't think I'm allowed to say what my favorite song is. I don't think any of us are allowed to say it. We're restricted from saying it. We have a deal with Nike. Nah, man: “My Adidas.”

Woodley: “Walk This Way,” they did it with Aerosmith. I like that.

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