3-point stance: Patience not a virtue these days in college game

Eliminated! Week 13 cuts to the playoff pool

With just one final week left in the season, the playoff field is getting smaller and smaller. Cary Chow breaks down who's still in, and who got eliminated this week.

1. Coaches used to get five seasons to create a winner. Now they get three. Teams used to run 60 plays a game. Now they run 80. The world is moving faster and faster and patience is shorter and shorter. The LSU administration couldn’t have handled the Les Miles any clumsier. But maybe, just maybe, keeping Miles will be a line drawn in the sand against the demand for more and more, the first step in a return toward common sense. On the other hand, was it me, or did the Miles ordeal just soften everyone up for Georgia to fire Mark Richt?

2. And then there’s Rutgers, there for every university president to look at his athletic department and say, “There but for the grace of God…” The State University of New Jersey cleaned house again Sunday. While the demise of football coach Kyle Flood came as no surprise – a 4-8 record and a three-game suspension for interfering in academics comes with its own poison warning – the dismissal of athletic director Julie Hermann after only two-and-a-half years reflects as much on the university as on her. Rutgers has a legacy of competitive struggle, and the program is a few buildings behind the rest of the Big Ten. They are tough gigs, to say the least.

3. TCU redshirt freshman Ty Summers played quarterback and some safety at San Antonio Reagan High. In the Horned Frogs’ 28-21 rain-soaked, double-overtime defeat of Baylor, Summers starred – at linebacker. Summers, who made 23 tackles, is another shining example of how TCU coach Gary Patterson has built the Frogs into a Big 12 power. Few coaches do a better job of finding high school athletes and transitioning them into college football players at a different position. That takes vision, patience and, of course, good coaching.