Slive, Sankey speak out on satellite camps


In the coaching world, "satellite camps" have been an ongoing discussion in recent years. NCAA bylaws state that football programs must host camps either on their campus, inside their state or within a 50-mile radius of campus if it happens to be out-of-state. However, there's a loophole that allows coaches to "guest coach" or work another school's camps in-order to get outside that 50-mile radius.

Some conferences allow their programs to utilize that loophole, but the SEC and ACC bylaws prevent their coaches from doing the same. So naturally, it has been a hot topic.

On Monday, SEC outgoing commissioner Mike Slive and SEC commissioner-elect Greg Sankey voiced their stances on the issue, according to AL.com, after seeing coaches from schools more than 1,000 miles away work camps in SEC country to attract recruits.

"Ironically, when we're talking about satellite camps -- as we remember camps, they were instructional and development opportunities," Sankey said. "Now, what we're talking about is recruiting tours. So, let's just be clear about what we're really talking about here."

Slive, referencing Penn State coach James Franklin whose staff worked at camps in SEC country last year, joked "We're going to have a camp at Penn State."

Sankey said he intends to raise the issue to the NCAA Division I Leadership Council Football Recruiting Subcommittee.