3-point stance: Is Big 12 parity a good thing?


1. Six teams -- Texas, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Kansas State, Baylor and TCU -- have won a least a share of the Big 12 championship over the last six seasons. Over that same time span, the Pac-12 has had two; the SEC and Big Ten, three; and the ACC, four. Even if you take into account that the Big 12 doesn’t have a championship game, which is why Kansas State and Oklahoma shared the title in 2012 and Baylor and TCU did so last season, the Big 12 has had the most parity among the Power 5. Is that a good thing? Discuss.

2. Cincinnati head coach Tommy Tuberville and Virginia Tech defensive coordinator Bud Foster said they want to fine players some of their cost-of-attendance money as discipline. If you treat the players’ pocket money as salary, doesn’t that make the players look like employees? Not to mention that a music student who misses a class doesn’t get his COA money docked. Not to mention that opposing coaches will use it against them in recruiting. Not to mention two coaches with 70 years of college coaching experience between them sound as if they just landed from a long-ago era.

3. I plead guilty on this one. I have made a fuss all week, both on ESPN.com and on the Championship Drive podcast, about the season starting next Thursday. Meanwhile, Saturday on ESPN, four-time defending FCS champion North Dakota State plays at Montana, a perennial FCS contender (when not in NCAA hot water). The Bison continued to dominate the FCS even as Craig Bohl handed the program to Chris Klieman after the 2013 season. They have been a marvel to watch. So the season is actually here. I promise.