3-point stance: Clemson, Dabo Swinney display short memory

CFB Minute: Brand should count for nothing

Heather Dinich explains why brand recognition and tradition are the only things propping up a weak Ohio State and Michigan State in the rankings.

1. Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney dismissed the possibility of a letdown against Georgia Tech after the Notre Dame circus came to campus last week. “We haven’t lost a lot of games, but when we have, we’ve come back and played well,” Swinney said. That’s recently true: The No. 6 Tigers haven’t lost consecutive games in the last three seasons. They are 36-7 from 2012 to date. However, Swinney’s teams lost consecutive games five times in his first three full seasons, when they went 25-16. Swinney has developed Clemson into a national power. But his memory might be a wee bit short.

2. From my notebook re Leonard Fournette: when the LSU coaches announced at a team meeting that they picked him as the MVP against Auburn, Fournette thanked them and gave the award to his fullback, John David Moore. Tiger head coach Les Miles said he had never seen that in 30 years as a college coach. Turns out Fournette has done it before. After winning the New Orleans prep player of the year at a ceremony in 2013, Fournette accepted it and announced he was giving it to quarterback Eugene Wells of 6A state champ East Jefferson High. Adds a little drama to the Heisman announcement, no?

3. I think the issue of Fournette and the NFL Draft is a non-story. He has shown no interest in testing the NFL’s Maurice Clarett Rule, and the idea that he should sit out a year to save his body is a good one only if his ultimate goal is to make money. A lot of players play because they love to play – and to win. That said, I think Myles Jack's decision to drop out of school and rehab full-time to prepare for the 2016 NFL Draft makes a lot of sense. It tells you he already was planning on leaving after this season, so what difference does it make whether he finishes the current academic session?