Christian McCaffrey nails 'Piano Man' on the harmonica

We know that Christian McCaffrey can run the football -- he did 2,019 yards worth of that last year. We know he can catch it to the tune of at least 645 yards in one season. Returning isn't a problem for him, either -- see his 1,200 yards in that facet of the game.

We know that McCaffrey can dominate Stanford's offseason workout regimen in a way that no player before him has.

And we also know that McCaffrey can play the piano proficiently. Evidence can be found in this 2015 College Gameday feature.

Now, it's time to add another skill to our growing list. The jack-of-all-trades is at it again, this time with a new instrument:

Former Duke defensive end Michael Mann, who is from McCaffrey's hometown of Castle Rock, Colorado and who played with Christian's brother, Max, for the Blue Devils, plays the piano in that video. McCaffrey completes Billy Joel's "Piano Man" experience by looping the harmonica in nicely.

We're sure that he could be a movie star, too, but chances are that McCaffrey doesn't want to get out of this place. He seems perfectly content in his role as a versatile virtuoso in college, so we can keep coming to see what he does next, to forget about life for a while.