Kyle Flood expects to keep job at Rutgers

Rutgers coach Kyle Flood believes his job is safe after the Scarlet Knights ended a tumultuous 4-8 season with a 46-41 loss to Maryland on Saturday.

"Nobody's given me any indication that I wouldn't be the football coach," Flood told reporters after the Scarlet Knights surrendered a 21-point first-half lead Saturday. "I get those questions and I think the shame of those types of questions is they lead other people to believe that there's some question about it. To my knowledge, there's no question about it.

"I'm the head football coach. I've been here for four years now. We've won the only conference championship in the history of this program. We won the only Lambert Cup in the history of this program. We've gone to three bowl games in four years. And I fully expect to be the head coach here for a long time.''

Flood said that he hasn't spoken to "anybody in the university" concerning his job status. Athletic director Julie Hermann, meanwhile, is scheduled to meet Sunday with university president Robert Barchi, NJ.com reported.

"This has been a tough year," Flood said. "We're all disappointed. In no way am I trying to move the focus off of that. We're disappointed. We're a 4-8 football team. We're not happy about it. We'll go back to work tomorrow."

Flood was suspended three games earlier this season for emailing a professor and later scheduling an in-person meeting to discuss the academic standing of former Scarlet Knights defensive back Nadir Barnwell.

In addition, seven Rutgers players were arrested this season for offenses varying from home invasion to assault.