We are the Sun Belt and we are ...

Posted by ESPN.com's Graham Watson

... better than you think.

If you're not watching the Sun Belt, you're missing some pretty good football. Teams such as Arkansas State, Troy and Middle Tennessee have competed with fervor and are giving the Sun Belt far more credibility than the league has had before this early in the season. Throw in reigning conference champion Florida Atlantic and the Sun Belt is starting to creep up to the level of some of its non-BCS brethren.

Best case scenario: Arkansas State wins the conference title. It's time to get some new blood at the top of the Sun Belt food chain. FAU made a name for itself and now Arkansas State has a chance to make waves and show the conference has more than a couple good teams.

Worst case scenario: No team in the Sun Belt finishes with more than six wins. That would show that all this work during the nonconference was a fluke. At least two Sun Belt teams need to come out of this season with at least eight wins.