3-point stance: Alabama now has the longest win streak, but who's second?

1. Not only did Alabama end Clemson’s 17-game winning streak, the longest in the FBS, but the Crimson Tide takes over the top spot with a 12-game streak of its own. Here’s the bar bet: Who’s second? That would be San Diego State, which bounced back from a 1-3 start to reel off a school-record 10 straight victories. Yes, the Mountain West slumped this year – only two other teams won more than seven games – but all credit to veteran coach Rocky Long. In five seasons with the Aztecs, Long developed a team full of junior and senior starters. That’s called a program.

2. The one and only Dan Jenkins chastised me via email Tuesday about saying that Nick Saban and Bear Bryant are the only coaches to win five national championships. To me, national championships were standardized by the Associated Press beginning in 1936, and I don’t know whom to trust before that. Bryant won AP or UPI titles in six seasons, Saban in five. Jenkins reminded me of greats such as Knute Rockne and Howard Jones, the Bryant and Saban of the era between the wars. Duly noted, but I am a poll/BCS/playoff guy myself. Should I have been clearer? Yep.

3. Saban will meet Wednesday with his juniors who asked the NFL for draft evaluation grades. He explained his philosophy about declaring. “If you're a first-round draft pick, the business decision is you should go out for the draft,” Saban said. If you can return and move up, he added, then you shouldn’t leave. Saban cited Reggie Ragland, the linebacker projected as a second-round pick last year. Ragland returned, became an All-American, won a national championship and, according to Saban, will be a top-15 pick. “If you want to do the math on that,” Saban said, “that's like maybe $12-, $14-million decision.”