LSU student misses 'Jeopardy!' questions on Derrick Henry, Steve Spurrier

An LSU student was on "Jeopardy!" on Tuesday, and the undergrad from college football’s most prideful conference whiffed on two seemingly softball SEC questions.

Maybe Kevin Brown, a senior from Boise, Idaho, who is majoring in environmental engineering, is just one of the few LSU students who doesn’t know much about Steve Spurrier or Derrick Henry. Maybe he was protesting the questions and refused to respond. It’s plausible after the way Spurrier and Henry have tortured LSU.

The $1,000 question: Who was the former Florida and South Carolina football coach who once famously taunted Florida State University as "Free Shoes University." The answer: Spurrier, who at Florida was 11-1 against LSU (although most of those games would have come before these students were born).

OK, that’s a bit of a challenge for the average college football fan, or let’s say, the studious scholar who would in fact make for a good "Jeopardy!" contestant.

Luckily, the last first-round question was the $200 selection in the college football category, and all host Alex Trebek wanted to know was which team Heisman Trophy winner Henry played for in 2015. That’s a cupcake question, right?

Crickets. Nobody even tried to answer. This seemed like too much of a slam dunk, especially for a student at an SEC school, to completely flub again.

Yet the LSU student didn’t buzz in, possibly because he remembers Henry carving the Tigers’ defense for 210 yards and three touchdowns in November. Or it might have been because of the game’s final sequence, a nine-minute Alabama drive of almost exclusively Henry runs that demoralized LSU. Leonard Fournette is the Bayou’s recognized Heisman winner anyway.

Earlier in the show, the student nailed a question on Georgia sharing the same mascot name as Mississippi State, so this feels like a strategic miss on the Spurrier and Henry questions. Indeed, a show of defiance and school pride.