Tom Herman hosts Easter bunny showdown

Houston's Easter bunny showdown (0:35)

During one of the University of Houston's spring practices, coach Tom Herman decided to pit two of his players against each other in a circle drill wearing Easter bunny suits. (0:35)

Before every practice of the Tom Herman era, Houston hosts “the circle drill” pitting two players against each other, mano a mano, to see who can push the other out of the circle.

On Friday, Herman added a twist to the pre-practice ritual ahead of the Easter holiday.

Two of the Cougars’ strength and conditioning interns suited up in full bunny costumes and went at it before the team began its 6:30 a.m. practice. Don’t let the costumes fool you, these bunnies were no-holds-barred.

The competition was spirited enough that Herman dubbed the pair his “Dudes of the day,” on Friday. Herman last season often complimented opposing players who impressed him by calling them a “dude,” (He called Memphis quarterback Paxton Lynch a “bonafide dude” last season before the Cougars played the Tigers).

Herman wasn’t the only coach utilizing a bunny costume. Penn State coach James Franklin put a bunny costume on himself and tackled a piƱata.

Whatever it takes to liven up spring practice, right?