Three-point stance: Making way for Bowden

1.The Atlantic Coast Conference and some members are upset that the Gator Bowl bypassed four league teams with at least eight wins, including Atlantic Division winner Clemson, to take 6-6 Florida State. The Gator Bowl wants the sellout that Bobby Bowden’s final game will bring. The ACC has a rule that bowls may pick a team within one win of the best available team. The Gator shrugged. This is the last year of the ACC/Gator contract. Divorce is never pretty.

2.According to Big 12 supervisor of officials Walt Anderson, Texas got one more second Saturday because a play ends when ball is dead. Instant replay showed that Colt McCoy’s pass hit a railing with :01 to play. The Big 12 replay rule says replay may be used to alter the clock only after an on-field call has been reversed. However, NCAA rules say that timing errors may be corrected and that if the referee has “positive knowledge” of the elapsed time, he may reset the clock.

3.The Outback Bowl has had an affiliation with the Big Ten for 17 years and has never before invited Northwestern. I know this without looking it up because the media release Sunday announced that the bowl had invited the University of Northwestern to play Auburn University. It has been Northwestern University since 1851. Perhaps it’s a tribute to my colleague Lou Holtz, who, while at Notre Dame, once discussed playing the University of the Navy.