Three-point stance: Great Heisman race

1. Isn’t it great that the closest Heisman race ever came down to candidates who hadn’t reached blip status on anyone’s preseason radar? Obviously, with the top four candidates so closely bunched, the argument will continue long after Mark Ingram's tears dry. But that’s the essence of fandom. Ingram, Toby Gerhart and Ndamukong Suh got there based on their play. Now, if someone can explain how Kellen Moore finished only seventh, I’ll have no questions whatsoever.

2. Imagine being a Nebraska fan and hearing the news that your quarterback Turner Gill, who spent 13 seasons with the Huskers as an assistant coach, is becoming head coach at Kansas, which will play at Memorial Stadium in Lincoln next fall. That will be weird. And I don’t think Steve Spurrier at South Carolina is a valid comparison. He came home as head coach before he went to the Gamecocks.

3. “The U”, the 30 on 30 film first shown on ESPN on Saturday night, is an inkblot test on Miami football. If you love the Canes, you saw the stars of yesteryear still letting the Establishment know they could not be stopped. If you hate the Canes, you saw guys who looked like a casting call for a Viagra ad trying to sound tough and just looking ridiculous. Either way, make sure you catch it when it’s shown again.