Three-point stance: Meyer decision confusing

1. Urban Meyer went to Florida’s Sugar Bowl practice Sunday and had a change of heart? What happened to his health? What happened to his daughter hugging him because she had her daddy back? I don’t mean to second-guess his decision to switch from a resignation to a leave of absence. But a “spirited practice” made all of those personal and family concerns secondary? I just don’t believe this story is over yet.

2. If Meyer isn’t the most interesting story when the 2010 season opens, then USC will be. What the Trojans did against Boston College in the Emerald Bowl is what they failed to accomplish for most of the second half of the season. They took care of business. Yes, a schedule top-heavy with road games wrung out USC this season. Yes, they had a freshman quarterback and a lack of leadership on defense. Those excuses won’t be around in 2010.

3. It must be tough to be a Clemson fan. The Tigers showed so much talent against Kentucky on Sunday night. But here it is the end of the season, and the defense continued to make mental errors that cost Clemson field position and, eventually, points. First-year coach Dabo Swinney infused the Tigers with heart that they didn’t have the last couple of years. Getting them to play smart has to be a goal for 2010.