Gator Bowl greetings

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- It's literally raining on Bobby Bowden's parade.

The weather here is miserable. It's rainy, cold, and muddy. Fans are walking around in ponchos with umbrellas. There were a few thousand fans watching Bowden and his team take their walk from the buses to the stadium entrance. It was the first time Bowden had ever done that. He and his wife, Ann, were under an umbrella.

But I'm still not feeling it. It still doesn't seem as grand as it should be for Bowden's final farewell. This game -- the actual matchup against West Virginia -- is overshadowed by today's other games, especially the Rose Bowl and the Sugar Bowl. And it should be. But there's a chapter of college football history closing here today in Jacksonville Municipal Stadium, and so far, more people seem to be talking about the weather.