Three-point stance: NCAA cracking down

1. The NCAA Football Rules Committee wants to increase the price paid by players who taunt or showboat. It has been recommended that an unsportsmanlike conduct violation such as pointing at opponents or highstepping into the end zone be treated as a live-ball foul. That means the penalty would negate the play, not be tacked on to the next one. If it’s approved, pity the player who costs his team a touchdown by dancing into the end zone.

2. The Rules Committee also has proposed the end of eye-black strips as message boards. If approved, eye black will have to remain black: no area codes, a la the 619 that USC’s Reggie Bush wrote as a shout-out to the San Diego area where he grew up; no Biblical citations, as Florida’s Tim Tebow has written the last few seasons. I don’t see the harm in the scribbles. But I’m stunned it took the NCAA so long to do this. NCAA philosophy: individualism, bad. Team, good.

3. Former Tennessee quarterbacks coach David Reaves landed a job performing the same duties at New Mexico. Reaves’ tenure in Knoxville ended when Lane Kiffin took off for USC. Reaves didn’t hear about the move from Kiffin, which is a little unusual in that Reaves' sister Layla is Mrs. Lane Kiffin. Reaves didn’t get a job offer to move West, either. You could say it’s not the norm, but with Kiffin, that’s almost redundant.