Three-point stance: McElroy ready to go

1.Alabama quarterback Greg McElroy said Monday in Washington, D.C., where the national champion Crimson Tide visited the White House, that he has fully recovered from the fractured ribs he suffered in the SEC championship game and will be ready to go when spring practice begins Friday. McElroy wore a flak jacket in the BCS National Championship Game two months ago. “The ribs are in good shape. I’m feeling healthy and ready to go,” he said.

2.I love seeing that new Louisville coach Charlie Strong not only is opening every session of spring practice to the public but is encouraging Cardinals fans to attend. “I think it’s also good for our players to practice in front of people,” Strong said in a release. What does this prove? That smart football coaches do it their own way, and coaches who keep the public out do it for control more than secrecy.

3.Listen, I know it’s the second week of March, and the mysteries of the passing efficiency formula have been set aside while you ponder the mysteries of the RPI. And no, I’m not here to explain passing efficiency to you. But if you want to know an easy way to determine it, bookmark this Web site for the fall. Plug in the numbers and enjoy.