Halftime update: Virginia Tech 17, Maryland 3

Posted by ESPN.com's Heather Dinich

Virginia Tech has turned the page in its playbook, and in turn has found some offense.
Offensive coordinator Bryan Stinespring has revealed a few wrinkles. They're using tight end Greg Boone a bit at quarterback and a lot at tight end, getting some plays at receiver out of cornerback Macho Harris, and running the ball efficiently with Darren Evans. It seems like everyone on Virginia Tech's offense is getting a piece of the action, and that just might be the answer to a young team lacking a superstar or go-to player.

Some of the credit, though, has to be given to Maryland's bend-but-don't break defense, which looks broken. It can't match the Hokies' speed when a player gets out in space. Maryland's defense has been like a giant rubber ball Evans is just bouncing off of instead of wrapping him up. Evans was hobbling around on the sideline, but a school spokesman said he's OK.

The Hokies' young players -- particularly Dyrell Roberts -- are making plays tonight. The one thing that's not a surprise in this game is the fact Virginia Tech defensive coordinator Bud Foster has his defense jacked up.

Maryland came in with the intent of making Virginia Tech one-dimensional and that's more of what the Hokies have done to the Terps. Maryland can't run the ball against these guys, and it's taking away from the passing game.

Maryland started to get more production out of its running game with Davin Meggett instead of Da'Rel Scott, but the offense still stalled.

The Terps are getting outplayed and outcoached.

Maryland might lead the Atlantic Division standings right now, but it's certainly not playing like it deserves to be there. And if it keeps this up, it won't.