Three-point stance: A conference screenplay

June, 8, 2010
1. I’ve seen this movie: boy (Mountain West) meets girl (Boise State); boy courts girl, and just when girl is ready to fall for him, boy decides he wants to see the world (especially Kansas and Colorado). The way Hollywood tells this one, the girl waits faithfully, the boy shuns the big distractions, decides to stay home and they live happily ever after. You remember that movie – “It’s a Wonderful Conference.”

2. Oregon coach Chip Kelly, on his just-completed Coaches’ Tour to visit U.S. military personnel in the Middle East: “It is really impressive, the enthusiasm and the passion they have for what they do.” Kelly met with one solider, shot in the face three days earlier, who ignored his new scar and just wanted to return to his buddies. “Kids who have a little sniffle and don’t want to practice … can put that in perspective,” Kelly said. Here’s betting the Ducks hear about that soldier.

3. More Kelly: He believes “east coast bias” is as real as Santa Claus. “Does anybody talk about Connecticut and Boston College?” Kelly asked. “They talk about Alabama. They’re in the south. If we were 11-1 or 12-0, they would talk about us. It’s got nothing to do with east coast bias. If you win, they talk about you. It used to be that all they talked about out here was USC. That’s because USC was winning. If I go 12-0 and we get screwed, I’ll talk about (bias).”

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