Three-point stance: Huskers' nice timing

1.If Nebraska kick-starts a new round of expansion on Friday, I say the guy responsible is coach Bo Pelini. He breathed life into the Huskers program that didn’t win enough under coach Bill Callahan. Pelini has made Nebraska football relevant again, and reminded everyone in the Big Ten what a winning Huskers program can be. Given the Big Ten’s decision late last year to look into expansion, Pelini turned around the Huskers at just the right moment.

2.The Pac-10 Conference has been known for its conservative nature. When other leagues play eight league games, the Pac-10 plays a nine-game, complete round-robin, in part because of the message it sends about a “true” champion. Yet now the Pac-10 presidents have given commissioner Larry Scott authority to move on expansion. The league is conservative no more, and that is a stunning change.

3.Oregon’s dismissal Wednesday of quarterback Jeremiah Masoli sheds new, flattering light on LeGarrette Blount. The former Ducks back gets suspended for throwing a punch at Boise State. He meets requirements set by coach Chip Kelly and gets reinstated for the final two games. Masoli gets suspended for next season for his role in a campus burglary. Kelly sets requirements for Masoli to meet. He didn’t even make it to the summer. Blount grew up. Masoli? Not so much.