Iowa AD cautions against storming the field

Posted by ESPN.com's Adam Rittenberg

The view from the Kinnick Stadium press box was pretty cool, as fans from all four corners of the stands stormed the field after Daniel Murray's 31-yard field goal lifted Iowa to a 24-23 win against Penn State. But when you're high above, it's easy to forget how dangerous things can get in that type of situation.

There were injuries and arrests, and Iowa athletic director Gary Barta issued a statement this morning about the situation.

"As always, our fans and the magic of Kinnick Stadium played a significant role in the victory. Thanks to every Hawkeye who joined us in Iowa City for this historic win.

Unfortunately, the celebration that took place on the playing field after the game became uncontrollable and very dangerous. Sadly, some of our fans were injured. I also know there were several coaches and student-athletes from both teams as well as game officials who were deeply concerned for their safety.

As we look ahead to this week's Senior Day game against Purdue and future games inside Kinnick, I ask that fans of the Hawkeyes temper their enthusiasm with a dose of common sense. I know the temptation of the moment can be great, but safety has to be our highest priority.

In addition to injuries, I'm aware there were several arrests made throughout the game including some on the field post game. It certainly is never our desire to have fans experience this level of consequence, but, again, creating a wonderful, family friendly, and safe college football experience is our goal.

Thank you for assisting us in this effort in the future."

Penn State quarterbacks coach Jay Paterno and the other coaches headed down to the field from the press box after the final play.

"You've got to have some field security," Paterno said. "I know walking back across the field, we had to walk across the field to get to the locker room. And there were [fans] saying things to you, and that kind of stuff."