Mike London expecting fewer INTs from QB Marc Verica

Are Marc Verica’s interceptions going to be the anomaly or the trend this fall?

In 2008, the last time he had any significant experience at the position, Verica threw eight touchdown passes and 16 interceptions for Virginia. This past spring, he appeared to have made significant progress. Verica said he avoided turnovers during every team drill, but he threw two interceptions in the spring game.

Now, during summer camp, coach Mike London said Verica has thrown “a couple of interceptions.” Some were attributed to the defense doing a good job of disguising coverages or receivers breaking off their routes too short or running the wrong depth. Others were just throwing mistakes.

Regardless, London doesn’t want to see any more.

"There's more completions, there's more good balls that he's thrown, which is a positive thing, but you want to get to the point where you don't want to throw any interceptions,” London said. “You've got to read all of the coverages. You can't think this guy was going to do this or that. Marc's getting better at that, but until he throws every ball, every 7-on-7, every team situation where there's not an interception, then that's not good enough. He's working on trying to be good enough to help us win games."

He doesn’t have much of a choice.

Verica is the only player on the roster who has attempted a pass in a game. There’s no question he’s the starter, but London is still working on establishing the depth chart behind Verica. Ross Metheny, Michael Rocco and Michael Strauss are still competing for the No. 2 job.

Quarterback depth isn’t a concern at Virginia, but interceptions still are.