Three-point stance: Moving OSU-Michigan a bad idea

1.Putting Ohio State and Michigan in separate divisions in 2011 is a bad idea. Their regular-season game would move to midseason to prevent them from playing in a Big Ten title game a week later. So the league would end a tradition that delivers at the end of every season for the possibility that the Buckeyes and Wolverines would play a rematch in the championship game in some seasons. Alabama and Auburn play for the SEC West, not for the Sugar Bowl. That rivalry is no less important.

2.Oregon State is holding a contest to select the song that will play at Reser Stadium at the start of the fourth quarter to fire up Beaver Nation. Cool idea. But the eight songs? The newest one ("Headstrong" by Trapt) is from 2002, when most of the student body was in middle school, and half the list (AC/DC, Journey, Guns N’ Roses) dates to the 1970s and 1980s. Not to mention that "Enter Sandman", which should be played only at Lane Stadium in Blacksburg, is a finalist. C’mon Beavers. You can do better.

3.Nevada president Milton Glick e-mailed his university faculty that the university isn’t obligated to pay the $5 million exit fee to the WAC in order to go to the Mountain West Conference. Perhaps Glick should have thought of that before he agreed to the fine in a phone conversation with WAC commissioner Karl Benson. I have a lot less problem if Utah State leaves the WAC for the MWC soon. The Aggies stuck to their commitment to an eight-team WAC. Somehow Utah State’s actions seem more honorable.