Speedy Ace Sanders adds dimension

COLUMBIA, S.C. -- South Carolina already had the market cornered on bigger receivers.

Alshon Jeffery, Tori Gurley and D.L. Moore are all at least 6-4.

Ace Sanders, a 5-7, 166-pound freshman, may have to look up to them all. But that's OK.

He adds a dimension of speed to this offense that the Gamecocks were severely lacking a year ago. He had a 53-yard run on a reverse to set up a touchdown in the first half.

He showed off his speed again when he simply ran away from the guy covering him to gather in a beautifully thrown 31-yard pass from Stephen Garcia, setting up a Garcia touchdown run.

The Gamecocks are rolling, 34-6 in the third quarter, and it's safe to say they've found their speed guy in the receiver rotation.